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Supported Programs

Friends of Canfield is pleased to support these Programs and Activities:

Teacher Aides

These critical positions support the teachers by working with individual children and small groups/centers, allowing for more differentiated learning. TA's also handle many administrative tasks, enabling our teachers to focus on educational issues. FOC raises the money to pay the salaries of 8-10 teacher’s aides per school year.

School Library

The Library was built/created in 2003 with funds raised by Friends of Canfield and we continue to provide support to enrich and expand the Library.

Smart Boards

Smart Board systems have been purchased and are maintained for each classroom in grades K-5. These interactive tools support and enhance Canfield’s curriculum.

Physical Education

FOC helps support the teaching of physical education in all grades.

Arts Program Office Support

The lease and maintenance contract for the equipment used by teachers to copy class work and homework assignments for students, as well as the necessary paper and ink, are funded by FOC annually.

Family Dance

A fun evening of food and dance and a chance for our community to get to know each other.


We communicate with parents and students about upcoming events via the weekly Canfield Update, morning announcements, and via our website.

Spring Musical

Over 150 students each year learn about theater and present an outstanding theatrical presentation every spring.


Field Trips

Each class has the opportunity to take several field trips a year to enrich their understanding about subjects they are studying. Friends of Canfield supports the student body in their efforts to raise the funds that help support field trips.


Throughout the year and on several set days, Canfield families donate their time and work together to improve our school’s grounds.

Green Team

Students, teachers, staff and parents working to create a sustainable eco-system on our campus by working on issues including conservation, and recycling.