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Our Children Are Our Future


Canfield is a neighborhood community school that celebrates diversity and reflects the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic make-up of Los Angeles.  With approximately 400 students, our school is small enough to make sure that each child’s needs are met, yet large enough to provide the extra enrichment and diversity that parents want for their children.  The adults at Canfield get to know all of the children, and are responsible for every student’s welfare.  Canfield is a school where kids can live, learn and play with their neighbors.  They become life-long learners, responsible citizens and caring individuals who have a deep understanding of the multi-cultural society in which we live.

We welcome and expect your involvement in Canfield.  Our parents and community members are an integral part of the community and participate in our School Based Management Governance, which encompasses the School Site Council and English Language Advisory Council.  In addition, Friends of Canfield is a non-profit organization that supports, enhances and enriches the education environment at Canfield Avenue Elementary School.  Friends of Canfield is made up of parents and community members who work hard to raise money to support the educational, technological and social experience for all our students.  Canfield also serves as a neighborhood community center, where we hold neighborhood meetings, lectures, and events.  We welcome and encourage you to use Canfield as your neighborhood “hub.”

Our students are expected to:

  • Follow the directions of teachers and staff in a courteous manner

  • Speak kindly to everyone at all times

  • Attempt to solve problems themselves in a compassionate and respectful manner

  • Ask an adult for assistance with any problem they cannot solve on their own

  • Demonstrate politeness and manners at mealtimes

  • Clean up after themselves and help their friends do the same

  • Be respectful of their environment

Our parents are expected to:

  • Bring children to school on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to learn 

  • Be alert and safety conscious when transporting children to and from school

  • Help children with problem solving and conflict resolutions

  • Stay in contact with teachers regarding their child’s progress

  • Help children develop study habits by offering encouragement, support and assistance with homework as needed

  • Volunteer in some capacity at the school