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At Canfield, Library skills are emphasized for all grades so students can use the catalogue, choose and find the right book, and apply this universal knowledge to any other library they choose to use. There are over 8,000 books currently in the Canfield library, a ratio of students to books close to the desired 20 books to each student.

Students visit the library every week with their class where they listen to their teacher read a book out loud, view a film, and/or practice library skills. Each student gets to check out 1-2 books of their choice and is responsible for returning them following week.
Students are scheduled every other week to come to the library to learn basic computer skills on the library laptops. There are three programs available by grade level and the older classes are assigned reports or power points on curricular subjects. 
The Canfield library encourages and provides a connection to the Robertson Public Library with field trips and book transfers from the entire public library system.
The Canfield library encourages and provides the connection between the Canfield Garden of Eatin' with literature, audio visuals, and informational books that explore curricular learning. All books are made available to volunteers and teachers participating in the school's gardening program. The library also provides computer lap-tops to bring scientific inquiry to the garden.