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Canfield’s gardens are used as teaching tools in all grades. Designed and run mainly by parents, the gardens bring our classroom learning outside, teaching students about science, math, and art through hands-on experience.  Students gain a rich understanding of their relationship to nature and the environment while delving more deeply into specific elements of the natural environment.  Whether planting a seed and watching it grow, or witnessing a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, children experience life and nature close-up.  In the garden there’s always room for unexpected explorations and spontaneous discoveries.


The Green Team

The Green Team is a group of students, teachers, staff and parents who work together to heal the environment and beautify our campus. The group meets on weekends and after school, engaging in gardening, cleaning and art projects.  They also run Canfield’s Trash-Free Lunch and Recycling Programs.  The Green Team aims to provide green education and keep our school environmentally friendly and beautiful.  The Green Team: Where Art and Nature Intersect for the Good of the Earth.