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Teachers & Staff

Only the Best for Our Children

Canfield teachers and staff are highly educated, enthusiastic and committed to student success.  Over 50% of our teaching staff has been teaching for more than 10 years.  All are credentialed, and 60% of our teachers have a Master’s Degree.  We are proud to present our teachers and staff:

Administrative Leadership
Geraldina Barillas APEIS
Tamara Gullatt Principal
Elise Ungerleider Coordinator
Office Staff
Geraldine Martinez School Administrative Assistant
Maria Urbina Office Technician
Dolores La More Transitional Kindergarten
Elean Carman Kindergarten
Anne Lilly Kindergarten
Nana Lolachi Kindergarten
First Grade
Jamie DeVore 1st Grade
Maureen Garcia 1st Grade
Hajin Yoon 1st Grade
Second Grade
Rachel Levi 2nd Grade
Sonia Neweissman 2nd Grade
Kelly Park 2nd Grade
Third Grade
Lena Noori 3rd Grade
Catherine Sakow 3rd Grade
Anna Vassilevskaia 3rd Grade
Fourth/Fifth Grade
Nikki Isaacs 4th & 5th Grade
Lisa Meldrum 4th Grade
James Wong 5th Grade
Britta Bernert 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade
Gladys Berry Librarian
Anne Bravo Occupational Therapist
Kathy Cataldo PALS Program
Linda Glaser Community Circle Facilitator
Nancy Horton Visual Arts
Katie Kong Psychologist
Scott LeFavre Speech
Kathy Lewis Horticulture
Adi Licht Dance
Kevin Mason Orchestra
Collette Moore Resource Teacher
Susan Rudick Chorus
Benjamin Scalph Adaptive Physical Education
Bertrand Syre Adaptive Physical Education
Maribeth Torres Specialist K-2