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Annual Spring Musical

This theater production is a popular event, and all Canfield students may participate. The students perform, sing and dance in a unique production each year. Rehearsals are held after school, and students are responsible for learning their roles and attending rehearsals. Participants discover their many talents, grow together as a team, and reap the enormous benefits derived from hard work and a job well done.

School-wide Arts Program

Because there is a direct relationship between art education and academic achievement, all Canfield teachers have received art training and incorporate art activities into the academic curriculum. Canfield is a recipient of an Arts Program grant, which together with FOC, funds the services of arts education specialists who teach performing art and visual art subjects.

Music Education

OrchestraCanfield has a volunteer vocal music teacher and an instrumental music teacher. Our volunteer vocal teacher meets weekly with students in grades 3 and 4 to provide formal vocal music instruction for the school chorus. Fourth and fifth graders are eligible to participate in our school orchestra, and they receive beginning instruction on selected musical instruments.