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In addition to emphasizing the basic classroom and social skills, Canfield offers:

  • Interdisciplinary journal writing,
  • Weekly visits to the school library,
  • Research projects,
  • Multi-cultural events and activities,
  • Collaborative learning strategies,
  • Physical Education (P.E.) program,
  • Hands-on math and science activities,
  • Student presentations of poetry, literature, plays, music, choral and art,
  • And much more!


Grades K through 3 have an average of 24 students per class.  Grades 4 and 5 have approximately 34 students per class. Certified paraprofessionals are assigned to assist in various classrooms everyday. On-site mentors are available to new teachers for curriculum and instructional support. And, many parents volunteer their time in and out of the classroom to assist the teachers.